More Schools to get Litter Picking Kits

Thanks to a generous donation from Worcestershire County Councillor Luke Mallett our Litter Picking Kits for Schools programme is set to be rolled out to more schools in the Bromsgrove District.

In February 2020 Keep Bromsgrove Beautiful delivered a litter picking kit to the students at St John’s C of E Middle School Academy and helped the students with their first litter pick in Sanders Park.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions in place during the Covid 19 pandemic the other kits couldn’t be delivered. As soon as it is safe to do so Keep Bromsgrove Beautiful will take the kits to 4 more schools:

  • Millfield First School 
  • Sidemoor First School 
  • Parkside Middle School 
  • Meadows First School 

The schools have been really keen to be involved in the Litter Picking projects, and many carry out the task as part of their Eco-Schools commitment. It is hoped that getting the students involved at a young age will help to change behaviour and that less litter will be dropped as more get involved in the clean up activities.